Public Service Announcements

It’s already end of the September!

There have been a lot going on, SCCA Solo National, Home renovations, Pellet Smoker, Wedding Speech, etc… but today, I do have a important public service announcement… and then also a not so important public service announcement…

First, Bosch Dishwasher.
If you have a Bosh Dishwasher and has CrystalDry function, PLEASE READ. this may save you from big headache and cost.. This dishwasher in question was purchased 2019.

I’m a huge fan of Bosch dishwasher. They are amazingly quiet, and and it washes dishes very well. I can run the dishwasher while having dinner in kitchen, and often it goes unnoticed… However…….. today, I do have a very slight doubts in its reliability…. Our current dishwasher is our second Bosch unit. The first one was the 500 series, and lasted about 6 years when the pump eventually died. Water around here is very hard, and though with water softener, it is not very easy on appliances. We replaced it with newer 800 Series dishwasher. This new model came with something called Zeolite, which generate heat and helps drying. Bosch does not use traditional electronic heating elements for drying, but instead, uses condensation to draw moisture off the dishes. It works well, but this Zeolite add extra hot air circulation during the drying cycle, and that worked very well… until I get this error message.


The dishwasher stops mid cycle with this error message. Quick google search told me that the issue is likely the drier fan. And with a little more digging, I found a few discussions talking about the heat from the Zerolite causes the Filler Tube to deteriorate and eventually crumble the plastic and develops hole. and sure enough…

The affected area has discolored and was very brittle.
Based on what I read, the hole on the fill tube spray water into the Zeolite container and fill up the drier vent tube, which causes the E07 Fan Error, and possibly kill the fan unit, and may need to replace the zeolite container as well. It looked Fan and zeolite container replacement is a bit more involved than the simple fill tube replacement, and also will add expense, I decided to give it a shot by just replacing the fill tube, and suction out the water from the vent tube.

I ordered my replacement from Lowes Appliance parts store, but they are also available in amazon as well:
(Please note, this is the one for our 800 Series bought in 2019 and maybe somewhat model specific.

The new tube came with an extra parts, that clips on to the tube as a heat shield.

I started off with pulling out the dishwasher, and removed all 3 shelves, bottom sprayer (just pull up), and mesh thing at the bottom (twist the filter piece and then pull).

Once all those parts are removed, you can use a flathead driver to unclip the filler tube off the top and back bracket, and then 2 torques screw at the bottom. Then again use small flat head to ply off the tube from the bottom mesh.

Next is to remove the water from the container and the vent tube. to do so, you need to remove the zeolite container cap (simply pull up), and vent tube that is on external side wall of the dishwasher. you need to use 10mm hex to unscrew the grill inside right of the unit, and then you can remove the tube on outside of the unit. I used the hand vacuum pump with thin tube (about 1/4 OD) from where external vent tube was connected (that’s where fan is), and which removed about a cup of water. then I placed a hair drier on zeolite container, and wrapped the connector with aluminum foil to seal. This pushes out more water out of zeolite container in to the fan area, and then you can suck them out from the fan side. in total, I got close to 1/3 gallon of water out of the system. then I keep blowing the hair drier from the zeolite container side trying to get out as much moisture out.

Once I got most of the water, I put everything back together with the new tube, and now the dish washers are back in business, and I could retire from the dishwashing duties.

If you do have CrystalDry Bosch dish washer, please check your fill tube, and replace it before it start filling up the Zeolite and fan tube… I was lucky I only needed to replace the fill tube, but could’ve been worse…. if your fill tube are looking brittle, replace before it start causing you the problem.

Public Service Announcement 2:
If you have Costco near by, please visit and try their Kewpie Mayonnaise. It is a Japanese Mayo brand, and They are GREAT!
I was informed that the one in Costco is American Version and missing MSG, and I conducted a taste test, and indeed they do taste slightly different. (but, it was not MSG. The Costco version do include MSG. and please… I’m not interested in argument about if MSG is good or bad for you.) The American version is a little less salty, and a little more sour. I only noticed because I did the side by side comparison, and I think they are close enough I won’t notice if I didn’t know….

Japanese Mayo are rich, and has a lot more depth to their flavor compare to the American version. They are great on anything and everything. We even have a word for those who addicted to the Mayo, called Mayo-rer (or mayo-ler). It’s like a ranch dressing for us midwesterner… put on anything and everything and they are great…. (I make those instant Ranch dressing using Japanese Mayo and it’s even better!) anyhow…. if you have not tried Japanese mayo, please try it… just be warned, it is addictive….

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