The ND Miata (2016 ~ ) has been the car of choice for last few years in C-Street class, and it is just faster, better Miata all around with keeping the spirit of the Miata…

I actually went out and test drive the 2016 Miata as soon as it came out, and loved it. I just felt like a proper progression from NA. Same feel, body roll (but under control-ish), and the joy of driving, but with more power, little more solid feel of the car, and the new car smell…

Fast forward to 2018, when Mazda announced 2019 ND2, it was just too promising… Extra RPM, little more power, hint of extra torque… And, finally WSMBO (Who She Must Be Obeyed = The Sponsor = Wife) caved in and told me that I can get a new car!!!

For autocross purpose, there is only one trim to choose from, and the question was if I like the Recaro seat or not… and I didn’t. With my helmet on I could not seat properly… I also requested Apple Car Play module to be installed. not planning to be on road trip in this car, but it’d be nice to have my Waze to show on the screen.
Choosing color was tough… well, Mazda only have 5 choices for Club trim, and only one color being actual color (Red), and rest was somewhere between White and Black…

Ladies and Gentleman, please say Hi to Tofu, Ceramic Metallic 2019 Mazda Miata.

I picked her up with only 3 miles!

The car arrived with little delay, but worth the wait. For 2019 season, I will slowly prep this car for C-Street. Currently planning Koni shocks, Re-Suspension Bump Stops, Karcept .120 Front Sway Bar, Roadster Race Axle Back, (hopefully) Volk CE28 Club Racer 16×7 wheels with proper tires.

Stay tuned and I will be posting in my blog for any upgrades as well as my Autocross events in Tofu!

Oh, Final and Most important thing… If you want to be my sponsor, I’m always open to a new sponsors! I will place your business name stickers (or any other stickers you want to display) on Tofu, and she will be parked right at the gate where everyone who comes to CincySCCA Solo event will pass through! I can be your great advertisement opportunity!  – Jump to my “Sponsor Me” page