I was told by WSMBO (who she must be obeyed), that I’m no longer a bachelor, which means I have to make my own funds to spend on my car. Of course MY pay checks does NOT count as my OWN fund, as it belongs to her…

If there are anyone who is generous enough to sponsor me, I’m more than happy to have your Name/Business advertised on my ride when I attend autocross event!
Considering how good I am (which is not much), please do not expect any media coverage, but maybe… some day…

Or if anyone simply want to be my sugar mama, that would be totally acceptable…

With all the Jokes (not really) aside:
I mainly run Cincinnati Region SCCA Solo program, which currently held at Trader’s World, a Premier Flea Market just off I75 highway.

I am a waiver chief for the region’s Solo program, which means I will most likely be at every single solo events, and any CincySCCA sponsored events at the trader’s world. My autocross car will be parked right at the waiver station at the gate, where not only all competitors, but all the spectators who visit our events will come through. My car is The First Race Car that everyone pass by, and often I get asked about the event we are running as well as about my car!

By sponsoring me, I will place your business name / logo / and other advertisement on my car, as well as I will share your business name on this blog. Everyone who visit our event will see your ads on my car, and also, if you desire, I can place your logo in the car where visible from the in car videos I always upload from my events. Sponsoring me does not have to be monetary (of course, I will never decline any Benjamins!), but can be automotive service, parts, etc, and I’m always open to any new suggestions.

Please feel free to message me for any inquiry via email

Thank you!

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