Oct 252016

Cincinnati SCCA hosted their Fall Fun Event 2 at Wilmington AirPark this weekend.
We did something little different this event, and had a team competition. I think our team did win the event, but to be honest, after all, I simply enjoyed the last event of the season in beautiful weather.

Unfortunately I couldn’t compose my run well enough… On my last run, I had a great run up to the back section, and then completely screwed it up. I “Could’ve” been about 0.9 second faster… but that what makes autocross more fun, and that’s why we are keep going back. Trying to compose the One perfect run.

Thank you for the City of Wilmington to let us play in their backyard, and great friends in SCCA community. See you all next season!

My Best run (Run 6, 57.833, Good enough for Fastest in ES, 16th in PAX, 29th in Raw)

My run 6 and 7 comparison. I screwed a big time at the back section on my seventh run…

Finally a few other video in this playlist from the event.
Great Job TJ, for his first time autocross. 62.090 is quite respectable time!

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