Rabbit Hole…

I found yet another rabbit hole, and I’m diving in head fast…

Received an early Christmas present of a Coffee Dripper, a Pot, and the Home Roasted Coffee! Coming home super excited for a great tasting coffee, just to be reminded that I don’t have a coffee grinder! After some research I picked up a nice hand grinder, so now I’m set.

Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper and Glass Server, Z1Presso JX Pro Grinder, and beautifully roasted coffee

Measured coffee bean to 30 grams, check.
Set the grinder to 128 clicks, which is for pour over coffee, check.
Filter in the dripper, on the server, check.
Patiently pour hot water………. check.
Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, CHECK!

The Grinder worked perfectly. I could feel the quality of the built. The handle spins completely resistance less with the canister empty, and once coffee beans were added, it grind up the coffee beans effortlessly. and grounds seems very consistent. Coarseness adjustment screw is on the top and very straight forward and easy to adjust.

Loved the simplicity of V60 Dripper. Took time steaming the coffee a little and then followed with very slow pouring (I was told I still was’t slow enough though…)

Home Roasted Coffee came out so perfect, I really wanted to make another pot…
Very balanced, clean, refreshing taste, perfect cup after dinner.

Now I hope this won’t be my next expensive hobby though… Cars, Bikes, Skis, are enough to keep me occupied and keep me poor. Coffee could be my next rabbit hole. and I’m enjoying it… which is bad…

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