RX-8, one unique bleed with Rotary Engine

After owning One and the only one of the kind Turbo Gen2 Solara, Mazda RX-8 was my choice of ride.  Turbo Solara had a great torque, and decent power for the size of the car, but the chassis was not made to driven hard.  I found myself wanting something like…. a sports car.  Initially, I was looking at Miata, and I loved it, well, still love it… however, being 2 seater, and convertible, I could not get SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed; AKA: Wife)’s approval.

That’s when I saw her, RX-8.  Being my first stick shift, light clutch and very short shift felt very easy to drive, and I almost instantly fell in love.  I test drove a few, and found myself more and more attached to the unique look, and later great handling.  SWMBO was happy with my choice.


I started my practice of driving stick, first in the Walmart parking lot, and then soon all the back roads around the town.  After a year, I finally felt ready to take my RX-8 to where she really belongs to.  A race.  I start going to Autocross, with Cincinnati SCCA.  It has been a great experience, learning the limit of the car, and appreciate the chassis strength, well designed suspension, and great weight balance.  There is a very long journey in front of me, before I can call myself “know how to drive”.


I’m banned from “Modding” my 8.  except for… well.. small changes…  ^^;

List of “Small Changes” made so far…

On my wish list…
  • SS Brake Lines
  • Radiator Screen
  • Cobb AP (yeah, just wishing…)
  • FI (preferably Super Charger…)
anyone wants to make donations, or convince SWMBO that it’s okay to modify my 8???