CORA Hueston Woods Campout

What a great weekend!

CORA and Hueston Woods MTB Trail Crew held the Annual Fundraising Campout. Of course I opted for a nice hot shower and the comfortable bed that is only 10 min away, at my house… lol. But truly, this is my favorite mountain biking weekend. Thank you to our trail crews, for maintaining such an amazing trails! I am so spoiled with this amazing trails so close from us!

Starting with the Friday night ride, followed by multiple groups rides on Saturday, and cooldown short ride on Sunday, I clocked total of 57.41 Miles and 3849ft of climb over 3 days!! If I remember right, I did about 45 miles last year, so a bit of improvement! Also I went out with some fast groups this year, and it was a lot of fun and a lot of pushing myself…

And probably because of that extra bit of pushing myself over my regular pace, I had my very first serious leg cramp this weekend too! Both of my leg went full on strike against me and I stopped my whole group for good 5-10 min while I was rolling around on the ground like a fish on the ground… I had some minor ones before, but never had this bad… Though the cramping went away eventually and I could continue riding out, my muscle will be compelling for a while for sure…

One of the favorite part of the campout weekend is the raffles. I usually never win any of those raffles or gambling etc, but somehow had a great luck this year and got some gift cards and cycling socks. and also a couple cool water bottles!! Thanks to the local bike shops! Then, someone also put a cowbell (?) on my bike…. I guess I’ll be jingling when I ride from now on! 🙂

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