Liberty Media Formula 1 released F1-TV.
Online subscription program provides Live F1 coverage, as well as recorded previous races, and on demand onboard camera!


After I received announcement email, I was sitting on the email for a several days, debating $90/year subscription (special promo till end of May) just to watch F1 would worth or not… but finally I “click”ed the button and now I’m watching Monaco Free Practice Session 2 on my computer!

Currently only support watching on PC, but eventually will be available for iOS or android devices, which means I will be able to watch on AppleTV.

Ability to switch to any onboard camera while watching is amazing, and team radio and other race info can be accessed anytime as well. So far, I am really excited with this program! I’ve been only reading the race review online and watched highlights after the race as I don’t have cable, but now I get to see all the race realtime or recorded, anytime I want! Also they do have archives, which you can watch years and years of recorded archives as well… I think I need an AppleTV and big TV in my garage so that I can watch F1 while working on my car… Anyone wants to sponsor me and my garage??

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