2018 CincySCCA Solo PE2

Cincinnati Region SCCA held their Point Event #2 at Traders World, Monroe OH.
There were 136 entrants, and we had 6 runs, and finished the event by 3:30! we even had some time for fun runs.

Anyhow, my 360 degree camera was loaned out, Soloshot (self tracking camera) went out of battery for my best/last run, and my OBDII sensor was not connected to the onboard for my Last run neither, so technologically I was very frustrated…. boo.

As for the course, I think it was more “power friendly” course, and I didn’t do too well neither… However, I was very close to my co-driver (though I was faster for the final result than him, he beat me with his scratch time of his dirty run…), and that makes me really happy. He is usually a way ahead of me, and I was truly surprised that I could get with in 3/100 sec.

Anyhow, here’s the onboard and then solo shot video from the event.

I was having some issue with solo shot not finding the tag after I turn off the tag for little while between run, and that is why I ended up keeping the tag on, and caused my battery to run out before the end of the heat… I will prepare with external battery for the solo shot next time…

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