• Name:     Tacti
  • Birth Date:     April. 11
  • Occupation:     IT (Mac Guy)


Way back when, when “blog” start emerging to the general public, I started playing with Adobe Go Live.  I somehow had an access to the software and start learning basic html, and web design.  There were no such thing called blogging back then, but that’s how everything started for me.

Fast forward a bit, and in 2006, when Apple announced iWeb, it was “the” tool for me as I couldn’t afford (or justify to have) expensive professional tools like Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver.  The iWeb was free, and if you could do a little bit of html, you could customize quite a bit without knowing whole a lot of coding.  Unfortunately the joy of free web hosting came to the end when Apple announced iCloud and our dear Steve Jobs said “Nope” to the old ugly iWeb….

Finally, I decided that it was time for me to spend a little money toward web hosting, and own a domain for myself.  As of August 2011, “Tacti.info” became my experimental Playground!  I chose iPage as my host as it was one of the cheapest option, and dove into the world of WordPress (admitting I was behind the curve, but iWeb was totally serving me well enough for what I wanted to do… )  6 years with iPage was totally satisfactory.  Their technical support is good, and for personal web hosting, their shared hosting service has provided enough resources without too much frustration nor downtime.  I even had one of my friends restaurant website hosted on my subdomain 🙂  The only problem with iPage is that their renewal cost won’t be as attractive as their introductory pricing.  It is bit on more expensive side in shared hosting service, and for it being just a side hobby, I needed to seek for more affordable options.  That being said, I still recommend iPage to anyone who’s just want to start hosting your own website.  Their initial rate is really cheap, and they have great support team!
In May 2017, I obtained Tacti.net domain.  I’ve been happy with my .info domain, and I will continue hosting my personal site (this) on .info domain, but just had to get one of those top domains when available… right?  I also switched my hosting service to InMotion hosting.  It was totally based on the support staff I initially talked with!  Their pricing is decent, and reviews are good.  Since I just switched, I can’t speak for the actual performance of their hosting service but hopefully they would be good 🙂
I wouldn’t call myself a professional in Web Developing field, because I’m not… I don’t do any complicated coding, nor script.  However, if you need any help with basic wordpress, or other small website building, I might be able to help.  I’ve done a few small business and organization websites.  If you ask me a question I don’t have an answer, I know how to google!!
May 11, 2017