I always wanted to own a convertible some day, and when I started Autocross, the convertible became Miata. A lot different type of sports car I always dreamed of when I was younger, but more I see it on the course, I start interested in more and more.

I picked her up on the Craigslist. She is 1992 Miata MX-5 Base. It has nothing “Power”. No power windows, No Power Door locks, No Power steering, and well… no engine power neither… From the price listed, I knew she wouldn’t be in a pristine condition, but for price, it would be a good start, and will be a good learning experience working on cars.

200 Miles drive back from south of Lexington KY, I learned that she has some issue with fuel delivery every so often. Likely electrical, fuel pump/filter, or Air Flow Meter from reading online. She also needs new wheels, and a little buffing on paint…

It could be a long journey, but I’m excited to learn more about car maintenance.


Update: I spent a few hundred bucks to fix all the major problems, and then… I made a mistake… Took her to an Autocross. It was too much fun, and got addicted… She supposed to be a daily driver, but became Autocross car. After a while, I just MUST have another Miata for dedicated autocross car…