Importance of Backup

I’m in Chicago, attending some technology conference.

Well. Joust want to share something I learned. Well, not exactly, I learned, since I’ve been telling this to all my clients, and anyone ask me for technical advices.


My computers are backed up multiple ways.
If I loose any data, I do have backup where I can get everything I need or at least reasonably recent data to go back.

Not only one speaker, but multiple speakers stated, and most of the technical support guys will say, “Drive failure is not if, but when it will happen.”

It is a good way to think about.

If, your computer got crashed in pieces due to accident, RIGHT NOW, how soon can you get back to business?

If, your office (or house, apartment, or wherever you have your computer and back up drive is at) get caught on fire, flooding, or tornado hit, RIGHT NOW?

Just wanted to remind those who, always know to backup, but never get to do it.
I know people who ended up spending $800 when his hard drive crushed one day, and found that he did not have ANY backup.
I know someone whose hard drive crushed, and is going to spend $1700 to recover his data.

Data recovery will cost a few hundred to over couple thousand to recover, and days of down time.


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