Setting Changes

I am still playing around with this whole new wordpress thing…

So far, I’m liking it, and it is so lovely that I can make a post from virtually anywhere in the world, using my iPhone or iPad.

One of the things I love so much is the availability of the different plugins. ¬†there are so many of them, and I’m still trying out different ones as I find them.. so, you may see something weird going on, or some duplicate entries, messed up appearance, etc.. so… well.. deal with it!… please… lol

Now I’m trying this new SFC plugin, which let me link the Facebook comments and the blog together… well.. let’s see how it works out…..

until this new plug in is straighten out, you may see some duplicated post on facebook, or well.. maybe a missing posts…. we’ll see…


Update… (Sept. 08, 2011)

The SFC Plugin did not work the way I was expected, and I ended up removing it. ¬† After a couple other plugins, I ended up with the “Social” plugin, which feedback the Facebook comment to my blog automatically.

So far, so good….

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