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I have been in search of iPhone cases for my new 4s for a while. I’ve been using the Panda Case that I cross stitched for my wife’s iPhone for a mean while, but her Bread Case start getting torn, I really needed to find one for myself.

The other day, I was at local Micro Center and found they have a very large selection of iPhone cases. After long going back and forth, this is the one I finally decided…

It is WorkMate Pro by Cygnett. well, yeah, it’s orange, and it covers most of my white iPhone… but well, I’m pretty rough on my phone and need some decent protection. I really liked the case I used to have for my iPhone 3GS, but the new design for the 4S version does not attract me at all… so, well, for $19.00, I gonna stick with this for a while until I find something better.

so far, I really like the texture, and the fitment of the case.
only problem (and it is kinda big problem) is that the case has the flash blur problem as many other cases are experiencing. when you take the picture with flash, especially in really dark condition, entire picture get white foggy reflection on it. with iPhone 4s’s fairly good ability of taking picture in low light condition, I think I can live without the flash, and just use the real camera when I need to take picture with flash…

if anyone have good recommendation on iPhone 4s cases, please please let me know!

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  1. TACTI
    If you want to brand your case, try looking at cafe press.com and pick up a RX-8 case. Item # 484538508. I got one for my iPhone 4. Kind of geeky, but I know you’re a rotard. 🙂


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