Makita LXT211-R

Just got a week early christmas present. Makita LXT211, Hammer/Driver/Drill and Impact Driver combo.
Found a reconditioned (thus LXT211-R) unit for pretty good deal, and couldn’t resist.

My old Coleman Drill that I had since my high school time start loosing battery charge, and has been looking for a new unit (Can’t Decide).

Like any other guys who just got their new toy, I took out some 2×4 and drilled, screwed, and even tried 1″ spades… Compare to the Coleman, this new unit is much faster, more powerful, and very light weight. charging should take only 30 min compare to several hours… can’t wait to start (or maybe plan first) my next project.

actually I do have some pictures they need to be hanged on the wall, but those are way too nice to use only for hanging pictures on the wall…

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