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It’s been some journey since I switched my iWeb site hosted on Mobile-Me to iPage hosted WordPress. Started with choosing themes, adding plugins, and then tweaking some settings here and there.

One of the biggest issue I’ve been having is the load speed of the site. The sight built with iWeb is not particularly fast, but the WordPress site on iPages is extremely slow. initially thought the speed issue is because of the iPages, however, after more poking around, other sites I tested on my iPage is not that slow. Even iWeb site.

Thus, my next project, “Making my WP Blog Loads Faster” started…

The First step was to changing my theme to something a little more simple. Originally I was using Easel, simple and modern; I really liked the theme, and still like it. In fact, I kept the theme for my back up still. Now, I’m testing Magazine Basic . Another simple theme, and with hope for faster loading. Unfortunately, the change of theme didn’t really fix the slowness.

The second step I took was to remove all the unnecessary plugins. Well… I think it made the site loads a little faster, but still very slow…

So… for the third option… I ADDED some more plugins. WP Super Cache and WP Minify. Both are designed to make the loading faster, and… They did! Both plugins worked very well, and now loading time of the site got much faster.

It’s good for now, but I will be keep exploring for better solutions….

4 thoughts on “Faster Loading WordPress”

  1. Another change… just switched to Fastfood Theme by Two Beers Crew. This theme supports mobile device… let’s see how this works….

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