Kindergarten Entrance Exam

This is a quiz going around on Facebook recently, which was part of a entrance exam of a kindergarten in Japan.
The time limit is 5 minutes. Not a trick question or anything, but very logical quiz.

Ar you smart enough to be a kindergarten student???

There are 4 students wearing either a Black or White Cap in a room where divided into two sections. The student A cannot see other students who is behind the divider, and B, C, D cannot see the student A neither. Students do not know what color cap themselves are wearing, and also they are not allowed to look behind to see the student who’s standing behind you. (i.e. Student B can only see the divider, and not allowed to see his own cap or student C or D.) All students are informed that there’s 4 students total, and there are 2 black and 2 white cap each, and asked to figure which color cap he/she is wearing
after a moment of silence, one of the students could tell which color cap s/he is wearing.
which student is the one and how could s/he tell?


Scroll down to my solution (should be right, but don’t’ know if this is the only answer or not….)

My answer is the Student C.
with the divider, and also they cannot look behind themselves, Student A and Student B will not be able to answer for sure.
Only possibility Student D can tell the answer is when student B and C are wearing the same color cap.
(because there’s only 2 caps of each color)
Since Student D did not call out the answer right a way, student C will know that the color of the cap the student B and himself (C) is wearing is different, thus Black.

any thoughts?

僕の出した答えは C君


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