What a beautiful day it was.

I got up this morning, had some oatmeal and coffee (by the way, I use Nespresso, something like Nespresso, but makes very good tasting espresso!), then PUSHED my RX-8 out to the drive way (and you know why if you have rotary…) to have some quick wash.

It was 7:00 in the morning, and sun light was warm or at least that’s what I thought…
once I start spraying water on my 8, I found how cold it was… as soon as water hit ground it start turning into ice.
Since the car was in our garage and warm, water did not freeze until it hit the ground, and then it turns into sorbet.

anyways, being such a nice sunny day, the Fuel (amazing coffee shop in cincinnati, Facebook Link Here) was filled with people and of course, cars!
Us RX-8 had great, truly great turn out. Good mix of S1 and S2. I wish I brought my camera with me, instead of my iPhone…

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