I Love Eating

Since I (and of course my wife, SWMBO) love eating good food and go to a lot of restaurant of different cuisines, I thought maybe I can write my own restaurant reviews and share.
Also I may add some cooking recipe or cooking story time to time.
I don’t know how this would go, but please follow these 3 simple rules when you use these reviews to decide if you want to try the restaurant or not. (same applies to the recipes as well)

1. My review is very subjective! Don’t cry, whine, or get upset when you don’t like my reviews.
2. I only review those restaurants I went, and at least I liked. Most likely only those I have something positive to say.
3. Did I say they are subjective?

If you have any restaurant You liked, please share with me here on the comment section.
I won’t promise I’ll go and write up here, but very likely to do so. If you read the review and you agree or disagree, please share that as well!


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