Air Compressor

The small Tire Inflator I was using last year died on me a few weeks back, and since the autocross season is coming up, I needed to look for some replacement.
However, after seeing Fuz’s (from RX8club air compressor in his garage, now I start thinking of an air compressor instead of just a tire inflator.

As always, once I want to get something, I do A LOT of research online. Google and YouTube are friends, and look for forums where people use and discuss about Air Compressor is the key. Sometimes you will end up reading 10~20 pages of one threads, but if you know how to search, you will find tons of information from the real users… always more valuable than what “product description” says on the manufacturer’s website.

IF, the money was not an issue, and I don’t have to worry about the space to put it on, something like this Ingersoll Rand’s Air Compressor would be great… but, money do play role, and I really don’t need that much air…
so, after browsing around on craigslist and eBay, I came across this.



It’s an old Craftsman. too old I get only a handful of hits when I search for the product’s number.
240 volts, 5HP, 125PSI max, 12scfm@40psi or 10scfm@90psi, 30Gallon, and oil lubed.

It was somewhat a gamble to get this item, since the guy selling this item didn’t have 240v in his garage (and that’s why he was selling), thus, I couldn’t test it before I picked it up. Also, since I didn’t have 240v in my garage, I couldn’t test it right away neither.

We only have 120v 15amp outlets in garage, and since they are shared with other stuff in garage, I needed to run a new independent wiring for the air compressor anyways, so 240v or 120v didn’t really matter. I bought 250ft roll of wiring and all the necessary hardware, and hours of time moving things around in my workshop to make space for my new toy, I finally fired it up. and…. It worked! well, sort of… there is some leak, around the air outlet area, and while I was putting on and off the cover to find the leak, I broke off the safety valve… so now I needed to spend some more money to get it replaced, and some jbweld on worn out thread…

the total cost so far to install this new toy is,

Air Compressor —– $165
Fitting, Hose, a few accessories, and a new Safety Relief Valve —– $40
250ft 12/2 wire (used only 100 ft or so) —– $70
other electrical hardware (breaker, outlet, etc) —– $10
Coffee, and Beer —– $???

so for under $300, I got everything installed.
I’m still waiting for the new safety valve to arrive, so the compressor is not yet being used yet…
but, well.. it’s a very quiet (for that reason, I was particularly looking for the oil lubed one), and with more air than I would ever need, I think it was not a bad purchase… and with my new wiring in place, I can upgrade to those better, newer compressor without too much hassle in the future, IF, and only if, SWMBO give me permission to waste HER money for my toy…. ^^;

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