Restaurant: Bangkok Bistro

Nothing like a special occasion, but we like eating out. It was a beautiful day, and we decided to go to Hyde Park area for dinner. After looking through our trusted iPhone App “Urbanspoon” and “Yelp” we decided on Bangkok Bistro.

First, with such a nice weather, having outside seating was a big plus! There were fair number of customers for weekday early dinner.

For appetizer, we ordered Golden Bags, and Tom Yum Coco.

Golden Bag is wonton filled with pork and shrimp and then deep fried. it was light, and flavorful. The Tom Yum Coco, is hot and sour soup with coconut milk. It was a bit sweet for my taste, but still taste good and didn’t take us long to finish to the last drip.

for our main dish, we ordered, Tom Yum Fried Rice, and Tamarind Fish.

Tom Yum Fried rice was flavorful, and have much more volume than what it looks.
Tamari Fish was Amazing! We really liked this dish a lot. the sweet and spicy sauce was really matching well with the crispy fried fish. Some how the crispy butter never go soggy with the sauce, and that makes this this so special.

We were both really full by the time we finished all dishes, and couldn’t try any desert.
this restaurant worth an hour drive for us!

Bankok Bistro
3506 Erie Ave. Cincinnati OH 45208

By the way… we found this weird looking house (people call it Mushroom House, after searching online…) just down the road from the restaurant.
I love the details of the design, and how vivid the color is.

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