Looking for a new KVM Switch

At my desk, I usually have 4 computers running all the time. My trusted MacBook Pro, and two Macs I use as servers, and one PC for my windows testing and troubleshooting. I have been using old Belkin KVM switch, it has USB to connect to the computer, but somehow uses PS2 keyboard and mouse (Something like this, but with USB output). The problem is that I got a new trackball (Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring_) and it does not work with my KVM switch with PS2-USB Adaptor…

So now I’m looking for a new KVM switch… Here are some of them I’ve been looking…

IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black)

This would be the cleanest install, since I can place the main box under the desk, and leave the switch by the keyboard. Also this would be the cheapest option.

TRENDnet 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio (Includes 4x KVM Cables) TK-409K (Blue)

Trendnet is another popular brand, however, the problem with this unit would be the wiring. The buttons are on top, and wires come out from all directions, which makes it harder to organize it…

IOGEAR 4-Port MiniView USB KVM Switch with Audio and Cables GCS634U

This is the fancier version of the first one. it has audio support (which I don’t really need), but it indicate the support for the scroll wheel (though I assume other do support the basic scroll wheel anyways….)

Belkin F1DS104U 4-Port Omniview USB KVM Switch

and of course, the direct replacement of what I have, however, the review on this product is not very good… It seems more of the usability issue than the quality of the product though….

Anyone with any recommendations??
(Once I get any of those units, I’ll have some review on it!)

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