Sway Bars, End Links, Exhaust Maybe Coming…

Yes, I did promise my wife that I won’t mod my car “Much”, and I really haven’t that much… really…

Anyways, I had a chance to grab some local parting out deals, and it seems that I’ll be getting front and Rear sway bars, end links, and probably a cutback exhausts. I currently have only rear sway bars, and that is not an ideal setup. Hopefully with this new setup, I will have less tail happiness on autocross. Cat back is more for the wait saving than anything else. stock exhaust is pretty heavy, and the one i’m looking to get is only single exit. (some may thing it doesn’t look good, but I’ll take the performance any days…)

I’m out of town right now, and that’s why I haven’t updated my blog last few days… Once I get back, there’s a log of updates coming!

by the way, anyone interested in 2006 Scion XB? My friend is selling her car, and she needs it to be gone ASAP.
for more detail, please take a look this craigslist entry.


It is a great daily driver, and I’d take it in hart beat if I’m in the market for my daily. (well, I am, but my wife is not.. lol)

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