Changing Wheel Studs

The other day, I changed Wheel Studs on my friends 2002 Toyota Camry, so here’s a little how to.
(I forgot to take some pictures, so some of the picture is from 2004 Toyota Solara, which is virtually the same as 02 Camry)

  1. Jack up the car, then secure on jack stands (very important, for your safety!)
  2. Remove the wheels (in my case I needed to remove hub cap on steelies first)
  3. Using a Large C-Clamp, press the brake caliper back just a little.
    Image from Solara.
  4. Remove two bolts (17mm) holding the caliper bracket. (on this picture, I have already removed the caliper it self from the bracket, but you don’t have to when you are just change studs)
  5. Spray WD-40 into the gap around the studs, hub, and into the small holes in between studs. Then, use a bolts that fit into the small holes (I don’t know the pitch, or size…), to push the brake rotors off the hub.
  6. Now, you can finally access to the studs. Traditionally people hammers out the old stud, but I’ve read the hammering method may damage the bearings. Instead, I’d recommend push it out. I used Ball Joint Separator (about $25).
  7. Place the ball joint separator to grab the stud and hub, then slowly press out the stud.
  8. Repeat the steps to remove all studs, then place new studs, place the ball joint separator this time to push the studs back in. Watch the back of the hub to make sure the studs are all the way in.
  9. Once all studs are in, place the brake rotors (I used brake grease on hub where contacts rotor), install Caliper with two bolts, then place the wheel back on.
  10. Before you start driving, make sure you pump the brake pedal a few times until you get the pedal feel back. Also I went around the neighborhood, and then re-tighten the lugs, and probably again after 100 miles or so of driving

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