Among all other things crazy expensive in Japan, there are premium mushrooms called Matsutake(松茸)meaning Pine Mushroom. They have very distinct aroma, and in Japan, domestic ones are rated higher than the imports.

How crazy expensive?? At one of the prestige department stores, I found this.
230 Grams (about 8 oz) = 3~5 mushrooms is priced ¥50,000 (over $600).

well, that is one of the extreme, but even the cheaper imported ones would be around $50 for the same amount…

Anyways, some of the imported Matsutake come from North America, and we can get them cheaper (relatively), here in the states.

My parents buy a box full every year around this time, so we visited them to get this seasonal treats.

Along with cooking Matsutake into rice, one of the best way to enjoy the aroma is to grill them.

yam.. wish I can deliver the smell over internet!!

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