The Best Day to Test ABS/TCS

Can’t be a better day than today to put my ABS and TCS in test than Today.
I got it fixed the other day, but it was too late of a night, I didn’t get to take it out for spin to make sure it’s fixed.

I got up this morning, and looking at my driveway covered by snow, I just couldn’t come up with an excuse to go out and have some fun.
First, I went to the Historic Covered Bridge in Oxford to snap a few pictures.


Then, I headed down to Cars and Coffee at Fuel Coffee Shop. It usually takes me an hour to get there, but with the road condition, the traffic was moving very slow… ended up taking me an hour and half to get there…


It was totally worth the drive as always. I managed to make it on time to grab the last Biscuits and Gravy they had (or second from the last?), and freshly brewed coffee warms me up.


oh, and most importantly, the ABS and TCS lights remain off, and certainly was working and kept me on the road! Surprisingly (to me as well), it was my very first time to take my car out in snow. And as I was expected, RX-8 on Blizzak ” target=”_blank”>Blizzak Snow Tire, it handled the bad road condition very well. The only thing it may stop me from going out in snow again is all the snow I got on my car after coming back home…

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