All I wanted was to hang a mirror

Yesterday, after I cleaned up my rose bushes, I start cleaning up my workshop.
Then I found an advertisement mirror (like the one you find in a bar) for Glenmorangie Scotch sitting on top of the shelves, that was given by someone. Though I don’t really drink, and don’t even know this particular whisky, but just liked the picture on the mirror. So, I got it thinking that I’d hung that in my workshop, but ended up couldn’t find a space for it.

I guess I was in a mood of cleaning things up and moving stuff around.
I ended up flipping my workshop upside down, moving things from here to there, making extra shelvings, etc, just to hang a mirror… took me whole evening and I didn’t get it done till 2 in the morning…

Of course, I didn’t take picture of the workshop before, or while the cleaning, so here’s just the final (or almost final… as I couldn’t finish all the small things on the workbench…) product…


Where the mirror is, on the right, was a twin mattress and box springs, along Futon Sofa frames.


I took the top shelf at the back wall, and placed mattress and box up there, and then made a vertical space above the air compressor on back right, to put Futon sofa frames. everything it was on the top shelf (wood flooring planks, tiles, etc, needed to move to other shelving spaces in the workshop).
all the moving around the stuff, removing adding shelves took me forever.
now, all the small things that I spread over the workbench need to be organized and find a place… that would be my this weekend project….

~~ Extra ~~
Last weekend was my yard work weekend. I trimmed branches, weeding flowerbed, and also planted some pepper and eggplant that I got from our good friend.
I tilled the part of flowerbed covered in weed, and then placed a cardboard to kill them, and cut hole for the pepper plants. I covered the cardboard with top soil, compost and potting mix. Hopefully deer won’t eat them…



That’s my standard yard work, outdoor uniform. I usually wear long pants though. the towel on my head is called “Te-nu-gu-i”. Literally means, hand wipe, and often you see farmers, construction workers, and other outdoor workers hang this on their belt to wipe their hand. It’s made of cotton, and very thin. convenient to wrap head like I do, or hand around the neck to protect from sun burn, etc.

I usually ware it when I work outdoor to keep dirt getting in to my hair, or hide my messy hair while I’m at autocross after wearing helmet..

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