Bell's Palsy

The day after my finger injury, I found myself twitching my right eye. At lunch, I found having difficulty drinking from straw, and having trouble getting food in my mouth…

Possibly a allergic reaction to the medication, and if that the case, it could be a serious issue… I went back to the University Employee Clinic and there, I was told I must go to ER. It could be a serious issue. To be honest, it is not the place I want to be on the Friday afternoon, but my wife did not allow me to just skip.

After a short stay at ER, I was diagnosed for Bell’s Palsy; Basically something is wrong with my facial nerve, but for no particular reasons…

My left half of my face was paralyzed, which made my left eyes do not blink. As a result, I was unconsciously blink more, which let my left eye blink often that felt like twitching. Doctor told me to blink, raise eyebrow, smile, etc, and and this is all I could do.


I could raise my right (left on the picture) eyebrow, smile right half of my face. The same happen when I try to open my mouth, or close my mouth tight.

I’m now under antibiotic for my thumb, antiviral and steroid for my bell’s palsy. I’m also taking some vitamins that I was told to be good for the nerve problem. It may take a week to a few weeks. It seems like there’s no definite cure, as its cause is not totally known… Not for the cure, but to protect my eye from drying, I need to use eye drop very often, and also tape my left eye when I go sleep to keep it closed…

I was told that acupuncture works well, so I went to my first time in my life acupuncture treatment.

Image 1

It was actually pretty scary first, but once needles were in, it’s not so bad.

The worst thing about this is in result, I missed an autocross event today, and not sure how soon I can get back to the race.
For the positive side, I now can wink, which I could never do. since I can’t really blink my left eyes, when I blink, it become winking on my right eye. Also, it’s kind of look like a “Bad-Ass” when I smile just one side of my mouth.

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