CincySCCA PDX @ MidOhio Sportscar Course

Cincinnati SCCA held 2014 Performance Driving Experience at MidOhio Sportscar Course.
This was my very first time being on a track, and it was a blast!

It was so much different from what I have experienced from AutoX. A different type of car control, and techniques. Both are fun, and while I’ll continue AutoXing, I’ll be back for another PDX for sure.

After PDX on Friday, I did Corner/flagging work on Saturday and Starter on Sunday for the club racing events.
I have done Corner work for Indy Car race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but this was my very first time doing the starter. The station let me actually do the starter/checker flagging for a few races, and it was amazing!! The sensation of standing just 5 feet above roaring 40 racing cars are indescribable… Just one of the things that needs to be experienced…
Thanks to Brian and Randy for letting me be with the starter team. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be back doing it again!





Here are a few of the laps from Session 2, 3 and 4.
I couldn’t get my camera to work on my very first session, and it went out of battery on session 5 because I forgot to turn off the camera… (stupid me)

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