2015 Cincinnati Auto Expo

Cincinnati Auto Expo was held at the Duke Energy Convention Center at downtown Cincinnati. This was my third year that CincySCCA let me display my RX-8 at their booth. Such an honor for the car without much to show.. 🙂

Got to sign up for a few test drive offers, and had a chance to see some of the latest cars. Unfortunately, 2016 Miata, which I was really looking forward to see it in person was not there, nor the Focus RS…

Anyways, it was a lot of fun to talk with visitors young and old, ladies and gents, who stopped by at our booth. I love what I do during summer Sundays, and love to share. Hope some of those I talked this past weekend, would stop by at our event, and find out what your daily driving cars are capable of, and how fun it is to control or try to control at its limit…

If anyone saw an Gray RX-8 Driving on stupid summer tire this past weekend, it’s probably me. I only did that because I didn’t want to change tires at the booth. I usually drive on winter set… Believe or not, RX-8 is a very capable car in snow, as long as riding on a set of snow tires. Every year, I talk to some people who stopped by at our booth and tell me about their son/friend/themselve’s RX-8 that they decided to sell because they couldn’t drive in snow… it’s not the car… it’s tires. It handles very well in deep snow, or even on icy/slushy road. oh.. just don’t forget to wait until the car warms up before you kill the engine… You know what I mean if you have rotary 😉








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