Mazda EX-7

Just found this online, and thought to share…

Mazda EX-7

First of all, this entry, and the pictures used are all from CarWatch. A Japanese Automotive new’s site. (I’m not gonna translate the whole article, just a gist of it…)

This is a Mazda’s experimental product, crystalize their philosophy of “Making Cars”.
Standout Design, Thought through Function, Driving feel.

As you can see, it is a Egg Boiler… yes… it is by The Mazda…
Mazda created this product following the above philosophy.

Removing excess that shines metal’s natural beauty.
Easily cook a beautiful boiled egg (yolk in center, easy to peel the shell).
Use just a little water, environment friendly.

This EX-7 was gifted only to a limited group of people.

Anyhow, Senior designers of Mazda bring together their skills and knowledge to design and craft each Egg Boiler.

Egg fits on the 7 holes Including the center one (Thus EX-7), and you will need only a little water in pot to boil, it is almost being steamed instead of boiling in water (although the picture only shows 6 eggs).

The pin on top of the dome is to puncture the egg before start cooking, for easy peel.



According to the article, egg was boiled nicely (yet a little on hard boiled side), with yolk on center, and very easy to peel.

I just thought it is interesting that Mazda makes such a product, more as their exercise of their creativity. And since I didn’t see any english article about it, I decided to share a little.

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