Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted 2016 PDX and IT*Spectacular at MidOhio Sports Car Course.

It wasn’t a perfect weather, but we didn’t get rained on neither PDX or the race time, so all in all, it was a great weekend.

This was my second PDX, and my first time driving Miata on a track. I brought my 92 Watermelon instead of my 99 Silver. I probably wasn’t a slowest car on the course, but wasn’t far off from it neither…

Car handled great, and nothing broke! Unlike my first year when I was in RX-8, I was passed by pretty much everyone, and back straight speed was barely breaking 100mph mark, but the driving Miata was definitely more rewarding than RX-8. Every single small mistake is reflected right away at the next corner exit, but when I do it right, I could totally see the reward.

Since owe had 4 20 min sessions, I decided to take a new, larger SD Card, and that was a mistake… even though the camera only asks for class 10 card, the new class 10, 64GB card was probably too slow, and most of the video were stopped after 5-10 minutes… now I’m ordering another big disk with hopefully with faster speed…

Out of a few videos I got, my best run was 1’58” around the track. It was only my first lap on my last heat, and I had a pretty good run on that heat, so I’m guessing I did a little better than 1’58”, but well.. no video…

Anyhow, Thanks for everyone who helped me on the track, especially Brooks and Rick for giving me a great instructions, and Chase for everything else!

– My best run that was on video –

– all 30 min Plus video that I could salvage from the camera… –

10 thoughts on “CincySCCA PDX”

    1. It was very helpful. Especially the ride along you gave me. It was an eye opener to see what “using entire track” meant. Carrying more speed so that you have to use the whole track… I tried on later heat, but it was really hard to carry that much speed without over cooking the turn….

    1. Some day 😉 I can totally see how addictive it would be… I just gotta find the way to sneak pass the budget from my wife….. May be I can charge to Chase’s credit card!!

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