Cincy / OVR RallyCross PE4 @ Bitzer’s Farm

OVR Hosted RallyCross PE4 at Bitzer’s Farm

It was brutally hot and humid day, but unlike forecast said, it there were no drop of rain during the event!

This was the first RallyCross event for Team DFL Racing, RallyCross division. It was the Maiden Voyage for Watermelon.
My poor watermelon, 92 Mazda Miata with over 200k miles, survived the abuses of 40 rough ride by 4 novice rallycross drivers…
She is suffering minor increase in rattle and squeaks, but no more leaking than before her first rough ride, and did not lose any parts nor any more dings than what was there before.

Remember, Miata Is Always The Answer.

Also to my big surprise, I somehow managed to finish in 2nd place out of 5 in Stock Rear Category. It was so much fun! thanks to all the officials involved as well as for my team members 🙂

At this event, I got to test my new toy, Garmin Virb 360 action camera. This is the latest 360 camera that has been released, and probably one of the best (at least the spec wise) as of right now (July 2017). I will write a review of this camera, and its editing software on another post soon. so stay tuned!

Anyhow, here’s the on board 360 video (Recommend watching on phone or tablet), and also the video that Tavis took for me from out of the car! Thanks!

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