2019 CincySCCA Track Event @ Mid-Ohio

Cincinnati Region SCCA Held their annual Mid-Ohio weekend!
I took the Watermelon with me, which probably was one of the slowest vehicle on the course, and had a blast.

I cannot say I passed many cars, but I did pass a few cars, and got passed by everyone else on the track 😉

I squeezed out as much power as I could from this poor 1.6L engine, and brakes and tires did phenomenal job through corners. I kept forgetting to turn on the camera before I go out, and only got 2 videos out of 5 heats. These are the best laps out of those two heats…
(this is 360 Video. Watch on your smart phone or tablet and you can look around)

I worked at Starter Tower for Saturday and Sunday. Though it was exhausting, it was a lot of fun watching the races from the best seat on the track!

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