Holiday Eats

Happy Fatty Holidays!!

Just some random pictures of food. I have failed to shed the weight gained from Thanks Giving Feasts, and went straight into the Christmas Eats… I’ll start loosing weight after New Year.. šŸ˜›

The Prime Rib showed up bigger than what we expected
Baked for a 3 hours, seasoned with “Herb de Provence”, Salt and Pepper.
Thanks to the digital thermometer, the steak came out just right!
Yorkshire Pudding to go with the steak
My mom’s contribution was fruit cakes, as well as my favorite, pudding..

Next up is some Chinese Junk (instant) food. Fount this at Cincinnati Asian Market, and it was surprisingly good (didn’t say good for the body).

Compare to the regular sized instant noodle cup, it’s huge!
Along with ingredients, it has the heating pack, which generate heat when it gets wet
Instruction: Damp everything in white tray, add water (or hot water if avail), put heating pack in big train, filled with water, place white tray above it, and put the lid.
it has pouch of veggies, freeze dried fish, and pickled green source
After 15 min or so, hotpot is ready.

Found the Jiffy Mix to be my favorite Waffle/Pancake Mix

Bought a Cheap Waffle Maker ($8!!) on Black Friday Sale. Mixing Chedder/Parmesan in butter for the cheesy waffle, Espresso Shot and Chocolate for Mocha Waffle

Christmas Present Highlights!

Sous Vide! First test was to warm up the left over Prime Rib. Came out great!
Also made Carbonara. Cooked egg and cheese Sous Vide, then tossed with pasta and bacon. no over cooked or undercooked sauce anymore.
My lovely SWMBO gave me 2 different types of bacon. One was this Super Thick Cut and other was “The Best Bacon” from Whole Foods.
The holidays can’t be without sweets. I don’t particularly have sweet tooth, but I truly enjoy Carmatillie Chocolates. Their chocolate is very smooth, and velvety. Not overwhelming sweet, and all the flavors are working harmony with the chocolate. They have something traditional to “interesting” flavors. Please try those “Interesting” ones. They magically make all the flavors to work together.

Now, the one last big meal left for this holiday week is the New Years Day. In Japan, we traditionally eat Sticky Rice Cake Soup. I will be posting the picture in a couple days šŸ™‚

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