WOR PE5 /CincySCCA PE5 Joint Event

Western Ohio region SCCA and Cincinnati Region SCA held a joint event at Trader’s World.

It was a very hot weekend with challenging events.

Day 1, my challenge was the course. The course had a couple very tight turns that I simply don’t do well. I am not good at any hairpin turns, and tighter it is, worse I do… However which means I need to practice more and learn how to conquer my enemy… Well… I failed. After 6 runs, I was still not doing it right to take those two tight turns which resulted me in way worse position than what I usually end with… my challenge continues.

Day 2, was challenging not because of the course, but because of the tight competition. Only 0.613 seconds (Indexed time) from the 1st to the 9th , and top 3 spots were separated by 0.055 seconds! After my 5th runs, I was sitting at the 9th out of 19 drivers, and I knew there are still a lot of time left on the course. I somehow managed to pull myself together and drop my time by 0.766 (out of 40 sec. course!), which put me in 2nd place, just 0.041 seconds (Indexed time) from the first place. The key was, again, the tight hairpin. it wasn’t as tight as the course for Day 1. but I was still loosing a lot of time on hairpin. This time, I could kept myself from rushing to the throttle and stay patient through out the corner.

Overall, it was a fun weekend (How can I have Not!, I’m driving Miata!) with a very good learning experience.
Btw, I ran Yokohama a052 tires this weekend again, and still love it on asphalt as well. probably be back on BFG to wear it out next event though.

Unfortunately my camera decided to quit under the sun after my 4th run, so I don’t have my best run video from the Day 2…. bummer..

Here’s the playlist of whole weekend.

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