Yellow Fog

When I was in Japan, I went to a automotive accessory shop called Autobacs. Its like a AutoZone here in the states, and I just wanted to see what they have. It was pretty interesting to see something like fluffy seat cover and matching steering cover and dash cover, tissue box cover, and even floor mat. They have whole shelf full trash can for the car, and cell phone holder, but the most interesting one was the chassis brace for Prius!!!! Yeah, Prius have not not stiff enough chassis, but why..oh, of course, they carry custom exhaust to go with it!

Anyways, I saw a cheap yellow fog bulb there, so I just picked one up. I actually want HID fog, but, just been lazy… Lazy enough not even putting the ones from Japan till just now….

The installation is very simple. Jack up the car, remove the front wheels, remove the plastic revets holding splash guards, and the fogs are right behind the splash guards.

Whole installation took me about 30 min, from reluctantly go out to the cold garage, to clean up and go for a 15 min joy ride after cleanup.
I still like the brightness of the yellow fog that was on my Solara, but for $30, its not too bad….

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