Deuter Act Trail 24

My good old cheap (I think it was less than $10, or maybe $15 at most) backpack from GAP is finally came to its death. It’s straps start coming a part and becoming increasingly uncomfortable… Though GAP is not really my favorite brand, but for how much I paid, and how long it lasted (almost 10 years of occasional use), I can’t sa it was not a good backpack.

Anyhow, after looked around at outlet stores, and online, I decided to go to Great Miami Outfitters. They are locally owned outdoor speciality store in Miamisburg Ohio.
What makes the store outstanding is their selection of gears, and the knowledge backed by the outdoor experience of the store owner and staffs. Andrew, the owner of the store is a great friend of mine, and he is my Go-To person for my any outdoor/camping needs. He loves backpacking, camping, and canoeing/kayaking, and gears in the store has been well chosen for its quality and functionality.

The backpack I’m looking for is not particulary for outdoor, but good hiking daypack will work great for everyday use as well. Naturally, Great Miami Outfitter came to the top of my list of the stores to check out.

After quick explanation to Andrew what I need and want, he quickly went over a handful of backpacks he have, and narrowed it down to couple choices in no time. Then, it took me loooooong time to decide which one I want.
Osprey’s light, simple yet functional backpack, and Deuter Act Trail 24, a bit heavier, and bulkier, but more future packed, and most impotently more comfortable on my back.

My choice was Deuter, for the comfort. the shoulder strap and rigid structure remind me of the feel of full size hiking or canoeing backpack. it probably keep me from fatigue and back pain when the pack is loaded, and having a long hike.


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