Recipe: Canned Fruit Jello

Yeah, cooking spree here.
Today,as usually walking through the aisles in Kroger caused me to buy things that I was not particularly planning…
While my wife was going through the cookies aisle the bright boxes of Jell-O caught my eyes. Suddenly want to eat jello, not the fully artificially flavored one, but one with some real fruits juice and some canned fruits.



  1. Open Canned fruits, and drain the juice to a majoring cup
  2. Rince glass cups (or whatever the container you decide to use) and leave the surface slightly wet
  3. Set fruits in the container (don’t worry about making it neat, it won’t stay… lol
  4. Mix juice from the can and the mango orange juice and add water or sugar depending on how sweet you want it to be), and make the mix to 2 cups (or the amounts that gelatin box tells you to)
  5. Boil (I used microwave) 1-1/2 cups of the juice mix above, and sprinkle the gelatin into the other 1/2 cups of the juice.
  6. Once gelatin is mixed, pour the hot juice back into the 1/2, and make the gelatin completely dissolve
  7. Pour the juice mix into the container, then chill in a fridge until it get firm.

I after I finish with this fruit jello, I made more, and this time used Umeshu, Japanese Plum Wine. It’s sweet, and fruity, perfect for the Jello.

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