Sprained Ankle…

I was working on edging around a shrubs to put down some mulch. As I stepped on the shovel, it hit the roots and lost balance. Unfortunately where I stepped off was on a small rock, bad angle, and sprained my ankle pretty bad…

This is the fourth day, it’s definitely getting better, but probably it’ll take a few more weeks before it heals completely.
Here’s some tricks to make the sprain heals faster.

  • 15 minutes in ice water filled bucket to get the swelling down.
  • lay down with the food up to get the blood returns easily.
  • After a few days, heat the food in hot water, and then stretch. move the ankle in full range, without too much pain. After stretch, Ice Again
  • I use Ankle Support during day to minimize the movement of the joint

On my first day, I had hard time making a few steps, by second and third day, it is getting better, to walk around, however, the entire ankle area was swollen by the night pretty bad. Today, it still hurts and I still limp, but became well enough for me to drive my 8 (hitting clutch was not very easy with my left foot got injured…), and crawl around and under the cars installing my new intake and helping fellow RX-8 owners installing exhaust as well.

hopefully by end of this week, it should get well enough not limping around, but just need to be slow and careful get it heal completely….

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