In Search of the Best Wiper Blades

I used to use the cheapest wiper blades I can find for less than $5, and replacing them almost every other months. Once, I bought a set of wipers with silicon blades for over $20 a piece, and it lasted long time and worked so well, but can’t remember the brand since the store stop carrying them anymore. Since then, I’ve tried a couple other silicon blades as well as some other brands, but haven’t found one I really like yet…

Recently I tried Goodyear wiper blade from Costco since they had it for buy one get one free, and though it was okay at first when I put on, but did not last long, and start streaking quite badly after a month or so. also, it has a metal backing that sticks out from the end cap, and over time it made a scratch on my A pillar (I ended up cutting off the edge and touched up the scratch it made!)

After some searching I narrow it down to few choices. I need 18″ and 20″ for my RX-8, and 19″ and 22″ for my wife’s Highlander.
The question is should I go
“Good Trusted Brand that will last for years”,
“Can’t go wrong with that price so CHEAP!!!”
or something in between…

I know “You get what you pay for”, but when the price differences between the PIAA and the No Name brand being almost $80 for two cars, it’s really hard to decide… well.. if the cheap one last for a few months, and the PIAA last for more than a year, PIAA maybe the better choice… but who knows…

any suggestions?? Please leave me some comments!!!

-Edit- I added Bosch Icon to the list

PIAA Si-Tech – I think this is the one I got while back for over $20… –
Trico NeoForm – My coworker’s recommendation –
Rain X Latitude – Found good reviews online –
Neewer (???) – Can’t beat the price… but… is it?-
Bosch Icon – Just recommended on FB comment! –

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