Restaurant: Yum Yum (Oxford, OH)

Yum-Yum Authentic Chinese Restaurant
24 E Park Pl., Oxford OH, 45056

– Edited on 07/17/2012 – Address, Phone number and more comments added

This is a new restaurant just opened in Oxford, OH. Their speciality is Sichuan style chinese dishes.
We just wanted to have late, light lunch just for 2, we only had a few dishes. Also, except for the first dish, I don’t remember the actual name on the menu, but if you are interested, drop a line, and I’ll check the real name next time when I go to the restaurant (and believe me, that will not be long…)

夫妻肺片 Beef and Beef Tripe

This cold appetizer is one of my favorite I always order at sichuan restaurants. It was slightly thicker than other restaurants I had before, but the flavor was great, and my wife actually liked this thick cut better than thin cut.

Fried Pork Soup

One of the best soup I’ve had in chinese restaurant in the states. The soup has great flavor. The Umami of the pork is concentrated into this white soup… It’s full of flavor, but not like heart burning heavy, kind of lighter side… I know it doesn’t make sense, but you have to try it!

Sichuan Cold Noodle

Another Sichuan restaurant I often go to serve this cold noodle with somewhat sweet sauce, but at Yum Yum the sauce was more sour than sweet. We talked with the chef, who’s from sichuan area, and he said the authentic noodle suppose not to be sweet. We thought we wanted a little stronger sauce and he brought extra sauce for us. The sour sauce was very refreshing and matched very well with the slight sweetness of the noodle.

Stir Fried Nappa Cabbage

Very simple dish of nappa cabbage in slightly sour/salty sauce stir fried. We just asked for the fresh vegetable they got, and this was what they recommended. My wife said this is very authentic, typical chinese dish that they cook at home. For me, it tasted very Chinese-ish chinese dish. Very light, yet full of flavor.

Over all, it was very good. Very authentic (according to my wife, who’s from China). All dishes were light in saltiness, but full of taste. I definitely will go back, and try more dishes. Mapo Tofu that employees were trying looked very good, and that’s probably the next thing i’d like to try, and definitely the pork soup again… couldn’t have enough!

Update 07/17/2012

After the initial review, I’ve already been to the restaurant 2 more times!! That would tell you how much we like the restaurant. We have tried different dishes, and so far, we liked all of them. The Sichuan food is known for the spiciness, and their dishes certainly have kicks, but compare to other restaurants, it is not as spicy. I can’t handle too spicy food, and their spiciness is perfect for me. While enjoying the bit of burning on my lips, I can still enjoy the taste.

We tried “Fried Potato with Chili Pepper”, and it is now my another favorite. Very simple dish just stir fried potato and chili pepper, yet what ever the flavoring they do, it is amazing.

Many of their cold appetizer dishes uses special oil that mixed with chili, pepper, maybe garlic, and soy sauce or something, and their oil taste sooooooo good. If you feel you want more kick, ask for the oil. I’d love to just by the oil to use at home! (I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m 100% sure that it would taste great if you put the oil on a bawl of white rice, and a drip of soy sauce… probably won’t be healthy though… ^^)

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