Restaurant: Dewey's Pizza

Dewey’s Pizza (we go to the West Chester, but they have other locations as well)
Address: 7663 Cox Ln, West Chester, OH 45069
Phone: 513-759-6777

This is one of my favorite places to have pizza. They are more of gourmet, custom style pizza, that you don’t find at typical delivery pizza place. We usually do half seasonal special and half specialty pizza, and also get small salad to share.

This time the seasonal pizza was Cuban (mustard-based sauce with pulled pork and Canadian bacons, Pickles, etc), and we picked wild mushrooms for the other half. For the salad, we chose Greek.

Greek Salad: The sun dried tomato dressing and roasted garlic matches really well and olive gives depth to the flavor.

Cuban – Seasonal Special (Front): the main ingredient for this pizza is pickles! Pulled pork and Canadian Bacon is important, but when you have your first bite, the mustard sauce and pickles burst in your mouth, then you feel juicy pulled pork and smokey canadian bacon kicks in. This was amazing!
Wild Mushroom (back): this is our all time favorite. very light sauce pull all the mushroom flavor together. We like adding sausage, but even without it, fresh mushroom itself has enough meaty texture and earthy flavor.

What makes this place’s pizza so special is not just the toppings and sauce. you can see their kitchen from the waiting area, and it is very entertaining to watch a guy throwing the pizza dough in the air. Their dow is somewhat in between thin crust and regular crust, but it is move chewy and soft than crunchy. we usually ask for a side of ranch dressing to go with pizza, so that we can dip the crust.

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