Cincy SCCA PE#6 – No Video –

It was a great event yesterday. Cincy SCCA Solo PE #6 was held at Turfway Park, just south of cincinnati.
I still have not imported any videos from the GoPro yet, but I should be able to do it in next couple days.

First, the review of my new shoes, Adidas AceDriver.
I wore the shoes on the way down to the Turfway, and had a good feeling about it. It is tight, but if I’m not walking on it, it does not hurt, and actually felt very good driving with it. I could really feel the pedal, and also without an extra inch or inch and half on top of my toe (since I usually ware size 8 because of the width while my correct size more like 6-1/2 or 7), I felt much more room around the pedal as well. so, unfortunately, I can’t use my shoes for my excuse of the result…

It was a very close match between Chris (another guy in STX, and drives RX-8 and have about the same amount of experience autoxing) and I. He was running dirty (means hitting cones) first 4 runs, but on 5th run he got his best time of 29.243, and I couldn’t catch him on my last, 6th run. My final time was 29.325, 0.082 seconds behind him. The third place was BMW328i, and also very close, he finished with 29.938, just 0.613 second behind me. Over all, it was really exciting event.

The course was challenging, and very open, and fast. Being forced to shift while in slalom, tight Chicago Box, and “fast, off camber, reducing radius, big sweep”, and then finally almost 90° turn after coming down the hill with a lot of speed. I had hard time figuring out individual component of the course, especially the big sweep. Because I carry speed by the time the sweep start reducing the radius, just a tap on brake start my rear to loose, and by the time I’m about to exit the corner, my front is pushing because of the off camber…

anyways, it was great to talk with other drivers after each run, figuring out how they attack the course. especially those veteran drivers, they take very different lines from me.

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