Mountain Lion is here (as well as olympics.. )

Apple’s new operating system, the Mountain Lion is here. Like the Leopard to the Snow Leopard, there won’t be huge Changes, but more of the fine tune and a lot of “make your life easier (or harder?)” type changes. Anyways, I won’t be able to upgrade right now, and have to wait till then.

anyways, I’m getting some problem related to the Mountain lion release (I think… ). It’s been a bit hard to get my Siri to work today.
I was keep getting the messages saying it can’t connec to the server…

By the way, I’m watching the opening ceremony of the olympics, and wondering who designed the costume for the ladies who carry the country name tags. The prints of faces on their dress, and weird name tag sticking out from their back.. like a 1980’s SF movie’s “futuristic” clothes… just weird…

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