Road Trip 2012 Part 1 / 4

This year, we visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. On the way, as always, we stopped to visit our friends in Denver, and on the way back, we made a short stop at Mt. Rushmore. Our goal is to visit all 50 states together. Blue is where we’ve already visited, and Red is our home, Ohio.

These are only the states that we (my wife and I) have visited together. We still have north, south and east states to concur.

Part 1: OHIO, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado

This year, I drove to Colorado with my parents, and WSMBO (AKA, Wife, Who She Must Be Obeyed) joined us in Colorado since she needed to work. She takes most of the pictures while I drive, thus there’s not many pictures on our way…

As always, I drove from home and took back road getting into Indiana, so there’s no “Welcome to Indiana” sign. (maybe I should make my own sign and take it with us, then take picture at the border… ^^;) Instead, I took the sign to the Indianapolis…

We stopped at a small town before crossing border to Illinois for lunch. I forgot to take pictures, but the restaurant name was “Footer Pizzeria”

The only picture that I took… Just before I took my last bites.

Into Illinois, then Missouri.

Just out side of St. Louis, the outside temperature went almost 110 F°

Into Kansas.

“Oklahoma Joe’s”. One of the best BBQ restaurant is just a cafeteria at a gas station. the line was long, even to the outside of the building. however, it was well worth 30 minutes of waiting in line. We ordered Ribs, Burned End, briskets and bunch of sides. I’m so used to Ohio style ribs with a lot of source, so the ribs felt a bit dry, however, the meat was really good, and burned end and brisket were so juicy, and all the sides were amazingly good.

We stayed at a hotel just outside of Kansas City, and next day, we were on loooong stretch of Kansas.then into Colorado.

We stayed at our good friends in Denver Colorado.

Friend “Al”
Beautiful Sunset.

My WSMBO joined us, and we went to Boulder.

We had a birthday dinner for my dad. The Tiramisu Cake was amazing! The wrapping of the cake is actually a sheet of chocolate.

Part 1: On our way to Colorado
Part 2: Grand Teton National Park
Part 3: Yellowstone National Park
Part 4: Mt. Rushmore and our way home

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