Joe's Racing Tire Pressure Gauge

WARNING: if you are my wife, DO NOT READ THIS!

Good… now I’m safe to say… I secretly bought this tire pressure gauge.

Joes Racing 32307 (0-60) PSI Tire Pressure Gauge
Joe’s Racing Official Site


It’s one of their entry class Tire Gauge and cost me less than $20 shipped from Amazon. It comes with 2-1/2 inch Glow in Dark Face. The Flexible hose, and angle chuck makes it easy to read, and it also comes with ball chuck in case the wheel has tight space. One of the most important feature (especially for Autocross and other racing enthusiast) is a pressure release valve. It let me release the tire pressure easily.

Of course I tried measured all 4 tires on my car (and sure enough it was all exact the same as it should be). It has no leak from the chuck, and release valve works very well.

Now I’m officially ready for the 2013 season!!

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