Dishwasher is in!

A little more than 2 weeks since our dishwasher died. It’s probably just a bad pump, but considering the cost of the new parts, labor and how much our dishwasher worth, we decided to go get a new dishwasher.

I did research for days, and finally came down to a few choices Mieli, Bosch or KitchenAid.
After looking at the actual units at showrooms, we decided on Bosch’s mid-grade dishwasher.
We bought from “Custom Distributor” in Fairfield, and I highly recommend them. Their staff are nice, and they have great selections of appliances in beautiful showroom. Priced very competitive, and not just better price than big box stores, but about the same or a little cheaper than the online stores. We decided to pick up at the store, so there were no delivery charge neither.
Though we ended up buying a new unit, but they also had a huge selection of clearance items in the back, and have a great deals on those…

Anyhow, the unit we bought was Bosch SHE65T55UC, their 2013 model mid grade dishwasher.
We wanted to have 3rd rack, and good power to wash. To be honest, we didn’t care that much about the quietness or efficiency. Rather have a clean dishes quick… but it seems to be a really hard thing to find now days…

Dragging the new dishwasher into our kitchen was the first pain… the shortest route straight from the front entrance was too narrow and we needed to carry it over through living room. well, just extra 3 min or so, not too bad…

We had no problem with our front control dishwasher previously, so we decided to go with the front panel again… couldn’t find the reason to pay extra just to have the control hidden….

IMG_1737 IMG_1740

Old dishwasher removed and sitting aside, and new one is waiting to be installed.


Following the installation instruction religiously…
Unlike the previous unit, the electrical box is a separated box, and needs to be installed on neighboring cabinet.

IMG_1746 IMG_1748

The opening after removing the old unit. notice the end of the flooring at the bottom of the picture. because of the flooring which installed after the cabinet, I had some problem later on…


When the unit is pushed back in place, I found the mounting bracket at the top (for the soft countertop like ours) does not give any clearance for the dishwasher to open and close.
IMG_1752 IMG_1755

So, I went with the plan B. removed the top mounted bracket and decided to use the side mount, which is usually for the hard countertop where you can’t drill. Plan B worked, and not all I need is to connect all the hoses.


With the water supply line to the fridge on the back of the dishwasher, this was as far back as I could push in. It’s pretty much flash with the front of the countertop. wish I could push in another 1/8 inch or so, but oh well…


After running a cycle with no dish, our first load is in.
it’s not that full, but gotta test with what we have… right?


The Auto cycle with Sanitizing and Extra Shine, takes almost 3 hours. However, if we need, it also has an Express wash it only takes 30 min (and everything in between).
This morning, I checked the dishwasher and (of course), all dishes came out clean!
I used to scrape and pretty much hand wash all dishes before put into the dishwasher, because otherwise I always ended up with some food stack on the plates. but last night, I just put everything in without any rinsing and it all came out very clean. even those cooking utensils with some dried up source and big pan with some burned food on came off nicely.

Oh, and it’s very quiet! I could barely hear water sounds when it runs, no splashing water sounds or motor noise etc… now the loudest appliance in our kitchen is the fridge, except when the vent is not running…

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