Recipe: Big Chunk of Meat!

I was just browsing on TV the other day and ended up watching something called Manly Food on Food Network. They were showing bunch of restaurants serving huge chunks of meat. It was all so natural that my foot went straight to the meat section when we went to get some grocery next day…

I came back with some vegetables, herbs, and BIG CHUNK of pork. Beef looked so tempting, but with price tug of $100 for smaller than $16 chunk of pork, I decided to go with bigger the better mentality…


  • Big Chunk of Pork (I didn’t even looked at the weight… probably 5-8lb…
  • Onion (One Medium size)
  • Mushroom (a handful)
  • Carrot (x2)
  • Fresh Herbs (I used Poultry Herb pack -Sage, Rosemary, Thyme- but anything would work…)
  • Garlic (4 cloves)
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Chicken Base (I really Like this product called “Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base“)
  • Red Wine
  • Olive Oil


  1. Wash and Chop Vegetables. Onion into wedges, carrots in a big chunk, and cut off the bottom of mushrooms. Then put it aside.
  2. Wash and pat dry the pork, then salt and pepper generously.
  3. Oil a sauce pan and then sear each side of the pork in high heat. It’s okay to burn just a little.
  4. Using all the muscles you got, put the pork in a bit thick pot (I thought my new Le Creuset is big enough, but it was barely large enough…).
  5. In the saucepan used to sear the pork (do not wash!), put all the vegetable along with herbs and stir fry them with a little olive oil in high heat, then add little bit of red wine to scrape off the burnt bits and pieces from the pan, and then pour them over the meat in the pot.
  6. Add red wine to half way up the pot, and put on medium heat until it start bubbling and reduce to low heat with a lid on.
  7. After 30 min or so take all the vegetables out of the pot once, and then carefully flip the meat. Then place the vegetable back in, and keep simmering for 5 hours (that was when I went to bed…).
  8. Turn off the heat, and then let it cook down on stove top over night, so that the meat rehydrate while cooling. (this is what it looked after cooling over night… still a huge chunk of meat!).
  9. Heat it back up once more in low heat (would take a few hours) before serving.

This SHOULD taste good…
I cooked this last night, I haven’t had it yet… However from the taste of the soup(?) and the small piece of meat I pinched off last night before start cooling, it is very promising! Also, it can’t go wrong in this type of cooking when you take bunch of vegi with chunk of meat cooked for long time…

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