Cincy SCCA Point Event 7 @ Wilmington AirPark

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted Point Event 7 at Wilmington AirPark. Weather was sunny nice and cool, but it was not worked that great with the newly sealed surface and autocross. Everyone seemed to have hard time keeping the car pointing forward…

For this event, for the first time, I took my Miata. The goal is to be able to drive back the car without breaking too bad…

Well… compare to my regular ride, RX-8… Miata was… well… yeah.. ah… … … Not so good…
My initial intent of this vehicle was (and Still IS) to make a good cheap daily drive. It has the cheapest I have tuned up the engine bay, clean up sorted some electrical problems, cleaned up interior, etc. the biggest investment was brakes and tires. I went with the cheapest Brakes cost me less than $100 for all 4 corners, and I bought the cheapest tires I could get (=$60 a tire mounted). Probably the shocks are not in so good condition, but it keeps the car off the ground, so it’s good enough.

I was having hard time from sliding while accelerating, braking, and turning…wait… pretty much all time 🙂 Brake was not in the best condition neither, but because of such a low traction of tires, it locks up the tires just by a quick tapping before corner.

Looking at the bright side, after all day racing (by me in the morning, and by M.D. in the afternoon), the car stayed in one piece (kind of… I received some metal piece that I don’t exactly know what.. probably exhaust part after a few runs).
I probably won’t do any more to the car, to make it go faster, but would drive Miata every so often for autocross I think. Miata will be a great learning opportunity for me. without ABS, LSD, and power, or traction, I need to learn very delicate driving. I’m sure what I learn from driving Miata will greatly increase my skill for driving RX-8.

Please enjoy my slip and slide in Miata.

Fastest run.. (still slow..)

Run 6

Run 2 (When I learned all cars do not brake the same…)

Run 1

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5

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